a film by Mihajlo Jevtic


Germany | 2016 | 84:00 min

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Four Passports is a partly animated first-person documentary about emigration, identity, and the recent history of former Yugoslavia told from the perspective of filmmaker Mihajlo Jevtic. From the SFRY to today's Serbia, from childhood into adulthood: This is a film made by a guy about to leave his country. A farewell 25 years in the making.
Through a mix of present-day images, family super 8 archives and animation (dreams & memories), Mihajlo reflects on growing up in a society that falls apart and is rebuilt, but no longer perceived as one's own, and attempts to deal with the resulting inner conflict. Torn apart between his love for the country he once knew and his deep discontent towards its newest incarnation, an unfamiliar country built on the ruins of his childhood, Mihajlo feels the need to leave and yet he cannot do it - not entirely. Or can he? And: What is the price of leaving?
The film follows Mihajlo while he collects all the images and memories which he will pack into his emigrant's suitcase and take with him wherever he ends up going.
A slice of Serbian life through a microcosm of family and friends, those who stay and those who leave.

84min or 52 min | HD | DCP | Blu-ray | DVD | original Serbian version with English, German or Spanish subtitles
Trieste Film Festival 2016 (World Premiere)
achtung berlin - new berlin film award 2016
Glasgow, Tbilisi and Stuttgart in October 2016
Jihlava IDFF East Silver Market 2016
ZagrebDox 2017
Balkantage Munich 2017
Inconvenient Films International Human Rights Documentary Festival, Vilnius 2017
EuropeNow Film Festival 2017, Glasgow

Cast and Crew
  • Director Mihajlo Jevtic
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Production Company
parabellum film GmbH
Rungestra├če 22-24, 10179 Berlin

Phone: +49 30 27879813

Fax: +49 30 27879815
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