• Forgetting Dad


Forgetting Dad

a film by Rick Minnich

Forgetting Dad

USA | 2008

If your father no longer remembers you, does he stop being your father?
One week after a seemingly harmless car accident, a 45-year-old man wakes up with total amnesia.The doctors and family are baffled, as there is no evidence of brain damage or other physical causes.Sixteen years later, filmmaker Rick Minnich returns to his native California with a camera in search of answers to why his father's memory still hasn't returned. He talks with his family members, and reconstructs in detective-story fashion the period of time before and the years following the accident. Along the way, Rick not only discovers many deep-rooted emotions that had never been dealt with, but also uncovers startling facts that shed a very different light on his father's memory loss. Was he really struck by a horrible affliction, or was he perhaps trying to escape from a life he could no longer lead?
Cast and Crew
  • Director Rick Minnich
  • Screenwriter Rick Minnich, Matt Sweetwood
  • Director of Photography Axel Schneppat
  • Editor Matt Sweetwood
  • Sound Raimund von Scheibner
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Production Company
Hoferichter & Jacobs GmbH
Linienstrasse 44, 10119 Berlin

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Co-Production Company
Ecko Klassik Preis des ZDF
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