• Deportation Class

    Deportation Class


Deportation Class

a film by Hauke Wendler, Carsten Rau

Deportation Class

Germany | 2016 | 85:00 min

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They come in the night, tear families from their sleep, give them just enough time to pack and put them on a plane: this is the role of the so-called 'transportation commandos’ comprising police officers and immigration officials. In 2015, over 22,000 failed asylum seekers were deported from Germany.
The documentary DEPORTATION CLASS presents a comprehensive view of this state enforcement measure for the first time: from detailed planning in the office to night-time operations at asylum seeker accommodation blocks and the arrival of asylum seekers back in their respective homelands – and the question of what awaits
them there.
DOK.fest munich
Kasseler Dokfest
Nordische Filmtage Lübeck
Cast and Crew
  • Director Hauke Wendler, Carsten Rau
  • Producer Carsten Rau, Hauke Wendler
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Production Company
PIER 53 Filmproduktion
Clemens-Schultz-Straße 50, 20359 Hamburg

Phone: +49 040 85415711

Fax: +49 040 85415892

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