Dacha Turbaza

a film by Marko Mijatovic

Dacha Turbaza

Germany, Russia, Austria | 2019 | 26:00 min

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North of the Arctic Circle in the port city of Murmansk, Yana has just finished school. At the same time, former military personal are building a dacha settlement near to Yana's hometown in the tundra. While Yana wants to leave the city and move out into the world, the dacha settlers feel the need to create a safe haven. Although these two narratives appear divergent, they have something in common: both Yana and the settlers are following their dreams and must overcome the obstacles in their paths. Both are searching for an autonomous living space and see an economically viable habitat for themselves.
Cast and Crew
  • Director Marko Mijatovic
  • Producer Marko Mijatovic (Hetzenauer&Mijatovic), Kristina Konrad (weltfilm gmbh)
  • Sound Ryan Leverenz
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Production Company
weltfilm GmbH
Fritz- Riedel-Str. 2, 10407 Berlin

Phone: +49 30 42856409

Fax: +49 30 42856411

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