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a film by Jürgen Ellinghaus

Cross and Banner

Germany | France | 2010 | 54:00 min

Original Title:
Glaube Sitte Heimat

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Every two years, the small town of Beverungen, in the middle of Germany, celebrates with particular vigour its traditional Marksmen's Festival. Festivities are focused on numerous parades with marchers in uniform and a shooting contest, where the winner is declared "King". Throughout the Germanic regions, marksmen's guilds are known since the 10th century. They protected cities and rural areas against troubles, wars and looting. In Beverungen, about a quarter of the active male population is involved in the local marksmen's association. In 2008, Beverungen has the honour of hosting the annual festival of the “Confederation of Historical German Marksmen's Brotherhoods“ with thousands of participants coming from all over the west of Germany. District Kings and Diocesan Majesties compete for the title of the year's new "Confederal King" who receives the royal insignia in front of the altar, after the prayer of blessing...
2010 International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film (Germany), Premiere
2010 Chinese-German Documentary Forum Shanghai (China)
2010 Shortlist Golden Lotus Award, Macau International Movie Festival, Macau SAR (China)
2011 Cinema du Réel IDFF, Paris (France)
2011 Beldocs IDFF, Belgrade (Serbia), "Best of DOK Leipzig"
2011 Festival International du Film Numérique de Cotonou (Benin)
2012 IDFF "Man and War", Yekaterinburg (Russian Federation)
2012 Documentary Film Festival Lasalle (France)
2012 Festival Intergalactique de l’Image Alternative, Brest (France)
2012 Tranzyt IDFF, Poznań (Poland)
2012 Kenya International Film Festival, Nairobi (Kenya)
2013 Territoires en Images Documentary Film and Photography Festival, Paris (France)
2013 Festival Internacional de Cine del Centro Histórico de Toluca (Mexico)
2013 Portobello Film Festival, London (UK)
2013 Xian China International Folkvideo Festival, Xi'an (China): Finalist
2013 Toamnă la Voroneţ International Documentary Film and Photography Festival, Gura Humorului (Romania)
2013 & 2014 FESDOB Documentary Film Festival, Blitta (Togo)
2013 Delhi International Film Festival, New Delhi (India)
2014 International Festival of Local Televisions, Košice (Slovakia)
2014 San Giò Verona Video Festival, Verona (Italy)
2014 International Historical and Military Film Festival, Warsaw (Poland)
2014 CineMA, Festival de Cine México-Alemania, San Luis Potosí (Mexico)
2014 Festival International de Géographie, Saint-Dié-des-Vosges (France)
2015 Muestra Nacional de Cine Independiente “Otros Cines”, San Nicolás de los Arroyos (Argentina)
2015 FerFilm, International Film Festival Ferizaj (Kosovo)
2015 Festival Internacional de Cine de Paracho (Mexico)
2015 One With A Movie Camera - International Ethnographic Film Festival, Marburg (Germany)
2015 International Film Festival of Kashmir, Srinagar (India)
2016 MIAX, Muestra Independiente Audivoisual Xalisco, Guadalajara (Mexico)
2016 Heritage Documentary Film Festival, Kigali (Rwanda)
2016 Singkuwento International Film Festival, Manila (Philippines)
2016 iChill International Film Fest, Manila (Philippines): Finalist
2017 FestMedallo, Festival Internacional de Cine de Medellín (Colombia)
2021 International Folklore Film Festival, Thrissur, Kerala (India)
2021 International Short Film Festival Canton, Guangzhou (China)

International Documentary Festival "Man and War" // 2012

award_type_award in Category / Section: Grand Jury Special Mention

Singkuwento International Film Festival // 2016

award_type_award in Category / Section: Golden Philippine Eagle Director's Choice Award

Cast and Crew
  • Director Jürgen Ellinghaus
  • Producer Jürgen Ellinghaus
  • Director of Photography Lars Lenski, Johann Feindt
  • Editor Ariane Kerinvel, Nassim Jaouen, Andreas Landeck
  • Sound Thomas Keller, Andreas Landeck
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