Chau Pelado

a film by Miguel Presno

Chau Pelado

Uruguay, Germany | 2012 | 65:00 min

Die Suche des Autors Miguel nach den Puzzleteilen des Lebens seines Vaters, den er kaum kannte - und nach seiner eigenen Identität als Sohn exilierter uruguayischer Eltern.
Author Miguel inherits a box containing some objects: photos, books, drawings, newspaper articles, a pistol… documents that tell of the life and the hidden feelings of the father he barely knew. This will be the trigger to begin this film.
Luis Presno, el Pelado, belonged to a generation having put their lives on the line for their ideals and values during the South American dictatorships of the 70’s. This dreamer, who lived for his anarchist ideas was unable to care for his five children who were raised by different mothers. So Miguel’s quest leads him to Sweden, where he reunites with his siblings. The search for his father's life becomes more and more a search for his own identity.
The film combines archival footage, meetings, and different places (Montevideo, Barcelona, Stockholm, Berlin) with an inner monologue and thus becomes an exceptional testimony of a young man grew up in exile who is finally confronted with his homeland and his parent’s generation.
Cast and Crew
  • Director Miguel Presno
  • Screenwriter Miguel Presno
  • Director of Photography Daniel Díaz, Roger La Puente, Miguel Presno
  • Editor Miguel Presno, Roger La Puente
Original Languages


Co-Production Company
weltfilm GmbH
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