Carbon Con Sangre

a film by Christopher Stöckle, Paola Tamayo

Carbon Con Sangre

2020 | 86:00 min

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For years, Western countries have been importing large parts of their coal from Colombia. But there is blood on this coal, a lot of blood and even more tears. El Samario, a former soldier of the paramilitary units, talks about the countless murders he arried out on behalf of international coal suppliers. A spiral of violence has been going on in Colombia, from which not only the companies, but also we are benefitting. The film illuminates a dark chapter of Colombian everyday life that is closely linked to our own and gives deep insights into the psyche of a contract killer.
What led him to his deeds and how does he deal with his terrible memories and feelings of guilt today. Can you forgive a murderer – can a murderer forgive himself?
54 Hof IFF
Cast and Crew
  • Director Christopher Stöckle, Paola Tamayo
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Production Company
Buchenweg 16, 82223 Eichenau
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