a film by Jean Boué


Germany | 2009 | 87:30 min

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Helmut Kohl is a great man. Helmut Kohl has achieved al lot for the Federal Republic. Helmut Kohl brought unification upon Germany. Yet what did the unification bring for Helmut Kohl? In Germany live several men bearing this name. For instance at Wolfen: Helmut Kohl has lost everything from back then, but it could have been worse even. The GDR pensioner says farewell to his old homeland. Or take Crimmitschau: For Helmut Kohl it’s not been a bad time since the 1989 turnover, yet before things used to be better altogether. Though the innkeeper has changed the system, his attitude did not change. Helmut Kohl in Lorscheid says, it’s all good in Germany, but actually it could be better still. The hard-working Westerner feels cheated of the fruits of his labor. Unlike Helmut Kohl from Duisburg: His life he managed in every regard, only in the other Germany something finally went awry. The architect, upright, noble, a good soul, loses his face in the East. And then on to Heidelberg: Still Helmut Kohl feels fine with it all, but all too soon Germany will be in dire straits. The German of Polish descent sees youth and foreigners ruin his beloved fatherland.
DOK Leipzig
Cast and Crew
  • Director Jean Boué
  • Producer Gunter Hanfgarn
  • Screenwriter Jean Boué, Burkhard Von Harder (Research)
  • Director of Photography Uli Fischer (bvk)
  • Editor Thomas Wellmann
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Production Company
HANFGARN & UFER Filmproduktion GbR
Apostel-Paulus-Str. 6a, 10823 Berlin

Phone: +49 30 84855000

Fax: +49 30 84855015
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