All because of Granny

For auld lang syne

a film by Michael Teutsch

All because of Granny

Germany | 2018 | 90:00 min

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"All because of Granny" deals with the friendship of my Berlin family to a Scottish family which lasts for more than sixty years now.
In 1955 my grandma invited a Scottish soldier for X-Mas dinner and he liked our family very much and came to visit my grandmas´ home very often. I felt like having a big brother coming out of the blue.
After Alec met this tall, blond German girl Heidi, a nurse trainee, and both married, got three children and immigrated to Australia. When our families first met, it was quite uncommon for former enemies to become friends in the early 50th.
Cast and Crew
  • Director Michael Teutsch
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