Line-Up german documentaries CPH:DOX 2018, March 15 - 25

The programme for CPH:DOX 2018 divided by series and themes. The programme offers more than 200 films, a curated programme by guest stars. The premieres followed by Q&As with directors, a special focus on justice, science and the world 2030, as well as a major theme of social experiments throughout the entire festival.


  • CENTRAL AIRPORT THF by Karim Aïnouz, Germany, France, Brazil. Exquisitely observed film from a modern Babylon – a closed-down airport in Berlin, which today is home to migrants such as 18-year-old Ibrahim.
  • LAST YEAR IN UTOPIA by Jana Keuchel, Katharina Knust, Germany, [P: Werkleitz e.V.] Bertolt Brecht meets Big Brother in the reconstruction of a reality TV show that collapsed. World Premiere
  • THE RAFT by Marcus Lindeen, Sweden, Denmark, United States, Germany [ P: FASAD Productions AB, Sutor Kolonko, Bulitt Film, Motto Pictures]  Three months without privacy on a raft. The story of the strangest social experiment of all times – told by those who took part in it, 1973. World Premiere & Winner of the DOX:AWARD.


  • THE DISAPPEARED by Gilad Baram, Adam Kaplan
    Propaganda disguised as entertainment in an action film produced by the Israeli army – in an iconoclastic (anti)film without images.
  • WILD RELATIVES by Jumana Manna, Lebanon, Germany
    Biodiversity and international politics from Lebanon to Svalbard in an original work with perspectives that reach far beyond the future of humanity.  Winner of the NEW:VISION AWARD.

F:ACT AWARD NOMINEES F:ACT Award is dedicated to films in the field between documentary filmmaking and investigative journalism.

  • FALSE CONFESSION by Katrine Philp, Denmark, Germany [P: Good Company Pictures,  Gebrüder Beetz Filmproduktion] World Premiere
  • EXIT by Karen Winther [Sant & Usant, Filmproduktion] World Premiere