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Lona•media produces features, portraits, reportage, and documentaries. These may take the form of perceptive life histories, enthralling turns of events, or fascinating stories from the world of the arts. Lona•media is interested in things that escape our attention at first glance, in the stories behind the scenes, in what people make of themselves. Lonamedia seeks the entertain viewers without condescending to them, to be thought-provoking without seeming detached, to strike a chord without descending to kitsch.To do so, Lona•media requires time. Individual film productions range from 30 to 90 minutes in length. Lona•media productions are visually high-quality, with a special focus on cultivating exceptional visual style.Lona•media realizes new television formats and develops concepts for series and thematic evenings. Lona•media also offers projects designed for museum and gallery contexts, as well as image films for firms and enterprises.Lona•media has branches in Hamburg and Berlin.


Bernstorffstr. 99

22767 Hamburg | Germany

Phone: +49 40 44465441

Fax: +49 40 44465443

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