21th ONE WORLD International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival
March, 5 - 14, 2018 in Prague and 35 other cities


One World in safe proximity!

Identity and the various forms it takes in the globalized world of the 21st century – this is the subject explored by this year’s One World film festival under the motto Safe Proximity. In addition to its traditional competitions and thematic categories, the festival program will thus also include two categories on the subject of searching for and defining one’s identity – both individual and on across society. “The protagonists of these films are either struggling to figure out where they belong, or they know it but find it difficult to understand their surroundings or society. Some of their stories take place on the other side of the planet, but thanks to film we learn that we have much in common,” says the festival’s programming director Ondrej Moravec. This year’s 21st One World film festival is held in Prague from 6 to 17 March and subsequently in another 35 cities throughout the Czech Republic.


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