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D 2011 | 30 min
Brief von Sander an die Geschäftsleitung
© Erinnerungsort Topf&Söhne Erfurt
Ingenieur Sander kritisiert das bestehende System der Leichenverbrennung als zu wenig effizient. Daraufhin konstruiert er einen "kontinuierlich arbeitenden Leichenverbrennungsofen für den Massenbetrieb" und lässt die Idee patentieren

Krematorium in Buchenwald
© Erinnerungsort Topf & Söhne
Firmenschild am Krematorium Buchenwald
Chefbüro von Ernst Wolfgang und Ludwig Topf
© Erinnerungsort Topf&Söhne Erfurt
Werbeplakat, Topf&Söhne
© Erinnerungsort Topf Und Söhne
Ludwig Topf

Maiumzug 1937
© Erinnerungsort Topf&Söhne, Erfurt
Besprechungsraum bei Topf&Söhne

Crimes against Humanity in the Context of Everyday Working Life

A film by Aldo Gugolz

When millions of human beings were killed in Auschwitz and the other German concentration and extermination camps, the murderers were faced with technical problems. The killing and disposal of the corpses was to be carried out continuously and inexpensively in a manner which economized on fuel and left as little evidence behind as possible. In order to contrive such a system, the SS had to rely on civilian experts who had no scruples about thinking their way into the practical problems of extermination and developing appropriate solutions. The Erfurt family business J. A. Topf & Sons played a decisive role in this process. The subject of the film is the history of this perfectly normal German company – a history beginning in nineteenth-century Erfurt and leading to the Auschwitz crematoria.

The film sets out in search of historical traces at the former workplaces of the company’s owners and engineers in buildings over a hundred years old. Historical documents testify to the mentality and activities of the chief protagonists – contrasted with images of Buchenwald and Auschwitz Concentration Camps.

Film duration: 30 minutes
Format: PAL 16:9
Language: German

Original title''Stets gerne für Sie beschäftigt, ...''
SubtitleMenschheitsverbrechen und Berufsalltag
CameraIstvan Imreh
DirectorAldo Gugolz
EditorAnnette Bott
ScreenplayAnnegret Schüle
Format: onlinefilm | AVI | MP4
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