20 last film entries of German Documentaries

Screening Room
/D 2014 | 54 min
director: Daniel Burkholz und Sybille Fezer
FINALIST Ekurhuleni International Film Festival 2016 - OFFICIAL SELECTION CinéWomen Biennial 2015 - OFFICIAL SELECTION CIFFI International Colour Film Festival of India 2015 - OFFICIAL SELECTION Auroville Film Festival 2015 - OFFICIAL SELECTION "Justice for All" International Crime and Punishment Film... [more]
D/ 2013 | 62 min min
director: Daniel Burkholz
Soon after the end of World War II, when the Cold War had started, the West German Government planned the building of a new army. This project caused huge protests among the war tired population. The government reacted quickly: Within a few weeks a political criminal law, constructed after the example... [more]
F/F/D 2006 | 86/53 min min
director: Jürgen Ellinghaus | Hubert Ferry
When France surrendered in 1940 and German soldiers showed up in the Vosgian village of Housseras, an unknown French foot soldier burned his papers and killed himself in a farmer's barn. Four years later he was identified as "soldat Doblin, Vincent". In fact, he was none other than the mathematician... [more]
D 2007 | 76/52 min
director: Mo Asumang
The journey of the afro-german Mo Asumang started when she first heard the song that called for her murder “This bullet is for you, Mo Asumang” sang by the Neonaziband “White Aryan Rebels”. Instead of hiding Mo was driven by her desire to overcome her fears and to find out where this hate against... [more]
D/D/F 2010 | 54 min
director: Jürgen Ellinghaus
Every two years, the small town of Beverungen, in the middle of Germany, celebrates with particular vigour its “Schützenfest“, the traditional Marksmen's Festival. Festivities are focused on numerous parades and a shooting contest, where the winner is declared “King“. Marksmen's guilds or brotherhoods... [more]
D 2013 | 44 / 52 min
director: Katrin Rothe
Rents have been exploding in Berlin, but it's not as bad as London or Paris yet. Students, families and pensioners can still live in the centre of Berlin. But affordable homes are getting scarce. International investors have also discovered the flat-trade in Berlin. The loosers of that boom are the... [more]
F/D 2012 | 66 min
director: Nils Aguilar
This inspirational movie presents innovative and very concrete solutions to the food security challenges of our crisis-ridden times. In impressive images, the film showcases community-led farming in Cuba, innovative woodland farming methods in France and the powerful transition movement in the UK,... [more]
D 2011 | 30 min
director: Aldo Gugolz
Crimes against Humanity in the Context of Everyday Working Life A film by Aldo Gugolz When millions of human beings were killed in Auschwitz and the other German concentration and extermination camps, the murderers were faced with technical problems. The killing and disposal of the corpses... [more]
CH 2009 | 56 min
director: Aldo Gugolz
Eliane and Christof are lovers.They have both been disabled since birth.Eliane dreams of moving in with her boyfriend.But her wish meets with unexpected obstacles. [more]
/D 2010 | 95 min
director: Claus Wischmann und Martin Baer
"Kinshasa Symphony" shows how people living in one of the most chaotic cities and one of the poorest countries in the world have managed to forge one of the most complex systems of human cooperation ever invented: a symphony orchestra. It is a film about the Congo, about the people of Kinshasa and about... [more]
D 2015 | 37 min
director: Jan Soldat
Arwed, 48, is a farmer in the third generation. Exhausted from the harvest he gets from his life companion Dennis, 38, a gift: one week wellness vacation. In jail. A documentary observation of a relationship that seeks its fulfillment in the interplay of control and power relations. [more]
D 2015 | 60 min
director: Jan Soldat
A documentary portrait of a self-built prison in which men can be improsened and tortured voluntarily. The inhabitants of the prison system are players in a game that not only reproduces the logic of power, domination and oppression, but makes it his own. The nightmare of adhesive is designed using this... [more]
D 2014 | 27 min
director: Jan Soldat
A three day observation of a German military bootcamp. [more]
D 2015 | 5min min
director: Jan Soldat
The 94-year-old Grandmother and her daughter are visiting the self-built torture-prison of the grandson. A short film about the meeting of generations. [more]
D 2013 | 25 min
director: Jan Soldat
Manfred and Jürgen, both in the mid 70s, are enjoying their free saturday. Lying in the sun, working in the garden and struggling. On sunday Rosi, an old pal of them, comes around to join their SM-Bondage-Session. An ordinary weekend in Germany. [more]
D 2015 | 81 min
director: Eva C. Heldmann
The film interviews five people who cannot pay their electricity bills. They live below the poverty line without light and heat. Berlin based artist Laurence Grave acts a composite rôle, representing aspects of the other people. She sees, hears and touches in her forsaken apartment, and feels limited... [more]
D 2014 | 88 / 52 min
director: Maurizius Staerkle Drux
Gottfried Böhm is widely regarded as Germany’s preeminent architect. The son of a master builder of churches, he is the patriarch of a modern architecture dynasty to which his sons Stephan, Peter und Paul now belong. By realizing prominent buildings of their own, the Böhm fils have managed to step... [more]
D 2015 | 80 min
director: Saskia Walker, Ralf Hechelmann
Sex is the most beautiful thing in the world. But talking about it without straying into lascivious or becoming inhibited remains tricky. SEX:SPEAK believes in the power of free expression, the art of conversation, the miracle of the encounter. Sixteen people ranging between the ages of 13 to 74 prove... [more]
TR/D 2014 | 96 min
director: Cem Kaya
Between the 1960s and 1970s, Turkey boasted the title of one of the largest centers of film producers in the world, despite its film industry suffering from a chronic creative deficit: the lack of writers. In order to maintain the flow of filming, Turkish producers copied scripts and plots from international... [more]
D 2014 | 86 min
director: Doris Dörrie
Mariachi is an essential part of Mexican culture. It’s more than just music; it’s a lifestyle that views the world from a macho perspective. The business is tough and women are seldom appreciated in this strictly male domain. Nevertheless, a handful of female musicians choose to be Mariachi. One... [more]
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