Cinetix Medien & Interface GmbH
Cinetix was founded in 1983 (originally named Cinemedia GmbH). Since that time, a central topic of Cinetix' business activities has been placed in the tension field between media design and media technology. According to the 80ies state of technology, we understood 'cine' as an acronym for video and 16mm film. Beside the realisation of industrial and PR films, Cinetix developed some special video effect equipment, which was produced in low volume series or customer specific. Combining these different areas of activity, some works of experimental media art resulted.
Together with the development of digital technologies since 1990 the center of Cinetix' acitvities moved towards computer based AV media. Interactive computer installations were presented on several festivals. Starting up as low budget self-supply for these projects, own frame grabbers and control pieces were built. During some years of development and refinement, this branch of work resulted in the m_box media control system - and as a newer development - the MIDI-based sensor/actuator interfaces controlled by MIDI,USB or RS-232 .
In the field of media design, Cinetix now offers services and problem solutions for multimedia presentations. Beside CD-ROM design and programming - preferably done with 'Macromedia Director ' on PC and Macintosh platforms, Cinetix works around combined CD-ROM / Internet projects.

Leader of design dptmt: Lilo Mangelsdorff, Diplom-Designerin
Leader of electronics dptmt: Wolfgang Schemmert, Diplom-Physiker

Cinetix Medien & Interface GmbH
Gem√ľndenerstr. 27
60599 Frankfurt am Main

Fon: +49 69 685105
Fax: +49 69 68600409

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