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D 2013 | 97 min

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As a young man, American Louis Sarno heard a song on the radio that gripped his imagination. He followed the mysterious sounds all the way to the Central African rainforest and found their source with the Bayaka Pygmies, a tribe of hunters and gatherers. He never left.
Today, twenty-five years later, Louis Sarno has recorded over 1,000 hours of unique Bayaka music. He is a fully accepted member of the Bayaka society and has a 13 year old son, Samedi.
Now the time has come to fulfill an old promise, and Louis takes Samedi from the African rainforest to another jungle, one of concrete, glass, and asphalt: New York City.
Carried by the contrasts between rainforest and urban America, with a fascinating soundtrack and peaceful, loving imagery, their stories are interwoven to form a touching portrait of an extraordinary man, and his son.
CameraSiri Klug
DirectorMichael Obert
EditorWiebke Grundler
SoundTimo Selengia
Awards: VPRO IDFA Award for Best Feature-Lenght Documentary

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