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D 2010 | 105 min
Dr.Jane Goodwell
© 2010 Andre Zacher Neos Film CC Medien
Almost 25 years ago famed primatologist Dr. Jane Goodall gave up her career in order to devote her entire time and energy to the mission of saving our planet. As this charismatic woman tells us about her life, she is shown among her beloved chimpanzees in Africa, as well as on her travels around the
globe to spread her message that there is still hope for future generations. With its unhurried pace and unobtrusive camera, this documentary shows the charismatic and eloquent Jane Goodall as she has never been seen before. Intimate conversations with Goodall alternate with spectacular footage of her and her beloved chimpanzees as well as revealing comments by her son, her colleagues and even Hollywood celebrities. The definitive film on the ardent advocate for the protection of the earth!

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Original titleJANE'S JOURNEY
SubtitleDie Lebensreise der Jane Goodall
DirectorLorenz Knauer