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D 2011 | 86:00 min
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Deckname Dennis

As the chief reporter for DDC TV, Dennis R. D. Mascarenas has gotten himself into some pretty sticky situations in the past. But his latest assignment threatens to push him over the edge. While investigating the Germans’ relationship to the moon, he inadvertently stumbles into a maelstrom of mind-boggling paradigms, which in an absurd way bring Germany’s dark past back to life.

Beginning with harmless lunar-obsessed New Agers, his travels take him deeper and deeper into a bewildering thicket of eccentric viewpoints, ridiculous chains of evidence, and peculiar conclusions. Nothing is so grotesque that it cannot be surpassed. Everything is unbelievable, strange and disturbing all at the same time. Yet THE MOON CONSPIRACY is more than a mere freak show populated by crackpots and sectarians. The film sheds light on a nearly impenetrable universe which exists parallel to our own, and which is brimming with conspiracy theories, steadfast anti-semitism, Nazi occultism, and crude threat scenarios.

A new insiders’ tip for fans of cockeyed (documentary) films eager for a surprise or two and for everyone who enjoys poking fun at Germany.

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Original titleDie Mondverschwörung
Actor/ActressDennis Mascarenas
CameraThomas Frickel
DirectorThomas Frickel
EditorThomas Frickel
First unit managerRick Minnich
ScoreDietmar Staskowiak
ScreenplayThomas Frickel | Thomas Frickel
SoundGunter Oehme, Rick Minnich, Jens Ludwig, Michael Klöfkorn
Sound re-recording mixerHarald Guhn
SounddesignerHarald Guhn, Dario Giunta
Supervising Sound EditorGunter Oehme
Festivals: Filmfest Emden | Festival des Deutschen Films, Ludwigshafen | Filmfestspiele Biberach | Festival Max-Ophüls-Preis / Saarbrücker Premieren u. a.
Awards: Auszeichnungen: Prädikat: wertvoll / Dokumentarfilm des Monats Mai
Format: onlinefilm | MP4 | AVI | FLV-Stream
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