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D 2008 | 90 min
Human Failure / Menschliches Versagen
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The expropriation of the German Jews benefitted virtually every other German citizen.
It was not the Gestapo who invaded Jewish residences in order to confiscate all assets - from bank accounts to the last shirt - it was the German tax officials. A bizarre competition evolved between bureaucrats as to how one should organize the robbery of the Jews before they were expelled or sent to the gas chambers. Larger assets went to the tax offices, and the smaller assets and goods were sold to friends and neighbors in public auctions of "non-aryan" property. Many of the documents proving this expropriation were lost or destroyed; the ones that remained were hidden away.
A search for traces...

With apperances by:
Goetz Aly, Johanna Bung, Wolfgang Dressen, Constantin Eble, Dr. Hubert Engelbrecht, Jutta Fleckenstein, Suzan Goldhaber, Bernhard Grau, Beate Green, Dr. Gerhard Haas, Andreas Heusler, Florian Jaeger, Claudia Knauss, Rabbi Michael Levi, Richard Marx, Cornelia Muggenthaler, Christiane Picard, Alfred Scharff Goldhaber, Charlotte Schueller, Uri Siegel, Vera Treplin, Hermann Wilhelm, August Zirner

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CameraBritta Becker
DirectorMichael Verhoeven
EditorGabriele Kroeber
ProducerMichael Verhoeven
ScoreSami Hammi
ScreenplayMichael Verhoeven, Luise Lindermair
Awards: Yad Vashem Chariman's Award / Jerusalem Film Festival | Top Prize for German Documentaries on Jewish Themes / Berlin Jewish Film Festival
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